These Are The Things That Causes Acne

It is medically impossible to contemplate on how acne occur. However, the reason that acne occurs are nothing but speculations. This is because it is impossible to completely state exactly what could be the reason behind acne. However, there are experts that believe that the primary cause is the rise of androgen levels. The term androgen is a type of hormone. It is correct to state that the androgen is something that increase, when a person is becoming or has becomes an adolescent. This is because, increasing androgen is something that make it easy in growing the oil glands that is under the skin.

What contribute to making the acne visible on your face is that the enlarged gland is producing more oil. Then, excessive sebum that can easily break down cellular walls in your pores. This is something that causes the bacteria to grow. There are different studies that have contributed into identifying the cause of acne. There are some of these studies that indicate susceptibility to acne can have some genetic reasons. There are also some studies that have contributed to the decision that some medication, with ingredients like androgen and lithium have the potential to cause acne. There is another reason that have the potential to cause acne. This is the greasy cosmetic, and this have the potential to cause acne. However, this is only for people who are susceptible.

Something that can contribute to cause acne is pregnancy. Pregnant women suffers from acne because they have hormones that keep changing during pregnancy. This acne may either occur for the first time. However, it may also in some cases recurred. There is a study that says that there is a link between a diet high in glycemic index food and dairy products. Healthy pore of skin that has no infection. Because, hair on the skin, and the hair sebum that comes through the pore. Under the skin, there are constant new skin cells that are being made. Under the very same skin, there is a sweet gland. Very close to under the skin and the skin’s hair, there is a sebaceous gland naked sebum, which is basically oil.

However, when a skin is suffering from acne, then the acne has overtaken the hair. There is a blocked pore, which is known as a blackhead on the place where the hair should show. This means that hair has broken, so has the sebum, and there is infected with acne bacteria.